From LIghts In The Distance:
"Valparaiso" - The soothing sounds of the surf opens up to a tropical ballad featuring vibraphone and flute.  A man remembers a visit to a Chilean seaport that involves people met during the visit and thoughts and smells that linger long after he's left.

"Lights In The Distance" - About growing up on Lake George in New York's Adirondacks.  One of my greatest memories is my nights sleeping in the family boat with the lights from across the bay reflecting off the water.

"Roots And Wings" - When my kids were small, my wife and I received a gift of a small wooden plaque with the inscription about children growing roots to remember their childhood and wings to soar to great heights in the future.  It's a bittersweet song, coupling the unique chord progressions with a stark set of lyrics.

From Closer to Home:
"Room For The Rabbit" - Cleaning the garage one day in the fall and I remembered there needed to be space to house the family's rabbit during the wintertime.  So, I needed to find room for the rabbit; hence the song and songtitle.  The smooth Tony Marvelli on bass, soulful Marcus Benoit on sax and the incomparable Bob Halek on drums.

"Urban Commute" -  Music for a typical weekday morning - rising early with the morning sun - joining the rhythm of thousands of commuters on the highways - and eventually arriving at the office.  Tony, Marcus and Bob do a great job.

"Closer To Home" - there's nothing quite like walking down the sidewalks of your old neighborhood, on paths taken when you were growing, past houses where neighbors used to live, the corner where you'd meet friends going to school...